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Given the growing importance of information technology and communications, the National Institute for governance and sustainable development provides a big portion of its consultancy services in technological infrastructure services for national projects. The Institute provides its clients with technical support through identifying their needs and proposing solutions and applications that are technically appropriate for the projects.

Some of these services are:

    1. IT infrastructure services.
    2. Hosting, managing, and running applications and websites.
    3. Architecture designs, and Technical solutions for applications and systems.

National Projects

  • The It services unit hosted and operated the “digital platform for communicating with
    communities via mobile phone using Rapid Pro software" project. It was successfully
    implemented under the operating contract of the Ministry of Planning and Economic
    Development in cooperation with UNICEF.
  • The unit hosted the "EGY Health" application which investigates Corona infections, contacts and tracks people who came in contact with patients and provides information on COVID-19. Users of this application exceeded one million.
  • Hosting the local services portal.
  • Hosting the quarrying management system within the operating contract of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development.
  • Hosting the Institute's e-learning platform
  • Hosting Egypt Vision 2030 website.
  • Hosting the updated version of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development website.
  • Operating and supporting the acceptance at colleges and institutions for 2020 “Tansik”. The project included the daily operation and monitoring of the service, as well as maintenance and updating of data; such as: (updating the student’s
    information, announcing results, opening and closing services). There were over 250 requests for updating information per day, and the number of beneficiaries of the service reached 918 thousand students.
  • Coordination services provided through the website include the following (including opening and ending services and stages, reducing data migration services , and results announcements)
    ○ Tansik for Secondary students for all 3 stages
    ○ Tansik for Azhar secondary students.
    ○ Tansik for technical certification
    ○ Tansik for certifications equivalency
    ○ STEM Schools
    ○ Nile schools for science and technology
    ○ Tansik for Azhar Secondary students applying from Colleges and institutes
    affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education.


  • Successfully operating and monitoring the Digital converter GG project, due to the launch of the first pilot of Digital Egypt’s website ( by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. The new website depends mainly on the GG system for communicating with the different institutions and exchange of data to facilitate the service provided on the website. The collaborating institutions include the Ministry of Communication, Administrative Control Authority, Fix Solutions (website developer), Ministry of Interior, Traffic Prosecution Information Center, Ministry of Justice (Archiving Services unit).
  • Providing support to the National Electoral Authority in hosting and supporting its own systems.
  • Increasing the quality of the NIGSD’s network and the data center by implementing innovative technical design and modern security systems.
  • Renewed the contracts for hosting applications services with the Holding Company for Water and Waste Water – Company for Water in Damietta. In addition to providing support for various other projects formerly hosted by the data center which hosted 415 Virtual Server and 80 Physical Server.