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The Career development Guidance and Unit novel within the National Management Institute, its main aim is to assist and support government employees in developing and improving their careers, by providing training opportunities to all employees and fresh graduates fairly. It is founded on reliable bases through developing the skills of individuals, and preparing cadres to meet the fluctuant work needs.
Career planning is a communal process that involves preparing the individual for progressive development stages through offering the required skills of both teaching and training in addition to determining the time to cross each stage. This is accomplished through the following steps:

  1. How to apply for scholarships.
  2. How to conduct personal interviews in a professional manner.
  3. How to write a resume and personal statements effectively.
  4. How to develop effective communication and leadership skills

Thus, the importance of creating this unit under the umbrella of the National Institute of Management

Our Vision

To be a regional center for guidance and guidance and career development. Aiming to achieve the main sustainable development objectives, through the provision of equivalent trainings and educational opportunities for all the employees to best and most efficiently attain their full capacities and work competences.

Our Mission

Provide Assistance and support the state's administrative employees. Initially to aid in their careers development and the state administrative output. This is made through the implementation of the sustainable development strategy and Egypt's Vision 2030.


1. Providing consultancy services to develop the career path for the State employees as well as individuals, aiding in the advancement of the State administrative output.
2. Train human cadres capable of meeting the different work needs and demands.
3. Providing reliable foundations in developing the skills of individuals and making them more able to adapt to rapid technological changes.
4. Enlighten the path for those interested in acquiring scholarships in different domains worldwide.
5. Provide the necessary training to improve the ventures of candidates to join executive programs, and obtain suitable job opportunities.
6. Attain the maximum degree of job satisfaction for both employers and employees.

Capacity Building Process