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The objective of the program is to identify the next generation of professionals that have the potential to serve as future managers across the Egyptian civil service.The Egyptian Government would be actively investing in young future leaders, and bringing them onboard for a combination of on-the-job and off-the-job training to enhance their capacity
It would be a special recruitment program that is entirely demand-driven, with no more than 35 fellows selected each year

All fellows should have 3 to 6 years of prior relevant work experience, with preference given to candidates a background in public administration, project management, management consulting, international development.

YPT Fellows Requirements: 

  • Current students or recent graduates of Master’s or PhD program
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Arabic and at least one additional language (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian or Chinese preferred)
  • Strong analytical and assessment skills, problem solving and negotiation
  • Demonstrated examples of leadership
  • Track record of volunteering or public service
  • Candidates must be under 33 years of age

The Fellowship is consists of a 30-month program with 2 rotational assignments either in the office of a Minister, Governor, Mayor or other senior manager within the civil service. The Fellowship is demand-driven, with senior managers across the civil service specifying the types of candidates they are seeking (e.g. the Agriculture Ministry may be seeking a recent graduate with a background in irrigation or legal expertise related to cooperatives) and candidates pooled based on these requirements
 fellows will receive active coaching and mentoring throughout the program, and have opportunities for a 1-2 year secondment to the private sector or a leading development institution upon successful completion of the 30-month Fellowship

YPT Onboarding

  • All successful applicants will participate in an onboarding program, where they would be introduced to the civil service and its operationsThey will take part in sessions with senior leaders, as well as technical staff
  • This will be part of a mandatory 3-week “boot-camp” where they will be introduced to the building blocks to support their careers as professionals within the civil service
  • Following the first year, they will also have an opportunity to engage with successful fellows from previous years, with program alumni having the basis to forge networks with one another across the civil service
  • The key is for fellows to gain a greater understanding of each institution within the civil service’s role, responsibilities, operations and deliverables

YPT: Employability Program

  • This will be a mandatory 3-week “boot-camp” where they will be introduced to the building blocks for entering the workforce and the civil service
  • This 3-week program, divided into three levels: Pre-Employment Courses, Basic-Intermediate-Advanced
  • Introducing the candidates to basic skills needed for workforce entry: CV writing, Personal Statement Writing, Communication Skills, Acing your Interview, Teamwork, IT skills, language skills, Workplace Culture, Gender Equity in the Workplace presentation skills, problem solving, leadership skills.
  • Eligibility: Undergraduate/graduate students
  • Outreach to all Universities-Private and Public through conventional training and on-line courses
  • On campus training