Modern Management Methods in Hospitals

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Familiarity with the concept and requirements of excellence in performance in the management of the hospital. Identify the basic components of the hospital and their respective contribution to the development and improvement of performance and the role of the senior management team in mobilizing and mobilizing other resources and activating them with the application of modern methods and models in hospital management and the use of quantitative standards in measuring and evaluating individual and institutional performance in hospitals.



Technical Axes

  • Model administrative management of modern hospital management
  • Integration and coordination between groups and specialties in the hospital
  • Optimize the human and material resources of the hospital
  • Management and performance development in the context of limited resources
  • The role of public relations and media in improving the mental image of the hospital in order to expand and spread

Hospital Infrastructure / Importance and Role:

  • Buildings of premises
  • Equipment, devices and techniques
  • Risk management and safety and security procedures
  • Alliances, communications and networking
  • Qualifications Experiences
  • Methods of leadership and motivation
  • Creativity and innovation in problem solving
  • Building a culture of quality and customer orientation.

 Program Duration

5 training days / 40 training hours