IBDL: International Business Driving License

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Self-confidence: An IBDL-based business professional controls himself and has a deep sense of personal satisfaction.
Reflecting Achievement: The IBDL Business Professional has the ability to seek excellence and meet international business standards and requirements.
Enhancing Career Development: The IBDL business professional has more opportunities than others to develop his or her future career.

Objectives of the first level of the IBDL certificate

  • Develop an individual’s ability to understand business management skills effectively and interact with others in a real work environment and the ability to speak the same business language
  • Facilitate understanding of the functions of each department in the organization and learn about modern ways to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Explain the qualities of successful businesses and understand the different types of business and how they grow
  • Understand management functions, how management can be controlled and analyzed
  • Understand the importance of leadership and motivation for employees within the work environment
  • Explains the HRM process, and how to focus on it to increase employee performance and efficiency
  • Understand the marketing functions, how can reach the largest market share
  • Define and explain basic accounting and financial terms and read budgets and reports

 Technical Axes for The First Level

  1. Entrepreneurship and start a business
  2. Management: models and patterns
  3. Leadership and motivation
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Marketing product and price
  6. Marketing: Location and Promotion
  7. Understand financial and accounting information
  8. Commercial markets in global markets
  9. Show ethical behavior
  10. IT in business
  11. How the economy affects business

Different Forms to Obtain The IBDL Certificate Through The National Institute of Management

Form (1): Training and Education
Form (2): Training (non-government)
Form (3): Training (for the public sector)
Form (4): Study Alone

Target Groups

  1. Private Sector
  2. New Graduates
  3. Employees in The Government Sector
  4. All Sectors with Basic Computer Experience


English or Arabic