The National Anti-Corruption Strategy

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Goal of the Strategy

Fighting corruption in the Egyptian society through setting goals, policies, programs and mechanisms to ensure that it is besieged and to activate a society that rejects corruption.

Duration of the strategy

4 years from December 2014 to the end of December 2018.

Fundamentals of Strategy Building

1. Monitoring the most important manifestations of corruption.

2 – accurate diagnosis of the problem of corruption to find out its causes.

3 – Identifying the most important strengths and weaknesses in the work system and fighting corruption in Egypt.

4. Identify the threats facing the work system to combat corruption in Egypt and the opportunities that can be exploited to support them.

5 – Determine the precise objectives, taking into account their achievement over the short and medium term.

6 – Determine the policies to be followed to achieve the objectives and address the phenomena causing corruption.

7- Determine the procedures required for effective participation in the fight against corruption from all concerned bodies, especially the supervisory bodies, law enforcement agencies, government agencies and civil society organizations.

8- Develop mechanisms to implement the national plan against corruption.


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