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Ambassadors of Sustainable Development “Be an Ambassador” The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (The National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development (NIGSD) in cooperation with a number of universities and ministries, launched an initiative under the title of “Ambassadors of Sustainable Development”. The initiative aims to build the capacity of Egyptian
professionals in sustainable development. The training program covers an array of topics and fields by cooperating with various entities that adopt a developmental approach. The training is conducted by holding a series of discussions about various topics that give a comprehensive understanding of the following: environmental protection, holistic sustainable development, social justice, the UN’s  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and green and circular economy as tools to achieve sustainable development.

Additionally, the discussions cover Egypt’s policies, opportunities, and challenges in achieving its  sustainable development goals, Egypt’s 2030 vision, and social justice.
Lastly, the discussion also touches on the role of different entities and communities play in achieving sustainable development goals such as the private sector, academic institutions, research centers, civil society associations, media, youth, women, and people with disabilities

The training program is divided into 3 levels:

  1. Introductory Level: This level introduces personality skills and the values of sustainable development through a total of 10 hours of training material provided on NIGSD platform called ‘ESTEDAMA’. Passing this level is a prerequisite for the specialized level.
  2. Specialized Level: This level is comprised of 11 pre-recorded lectures available on NIGSD platform ‘ESTEDAMA’, as well as a series of discussions conducted over Zoom by various professionals in sustainable development topics.
    To pass this level the participants must write and present a research paper on a chosen topic of interest; the paper should be a maximum of 10 pages. All information about the format and timing of the presentation is communicated to the participants.
  3. Professional Level: This level prepares the participants through a Training of Trainers (ToT) program that enables them to be ambassadors of sustainable development, spreading its ideas, and implementing it in their field of work.