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The National Institute of Management was established as a public economic organization of a training, consultative and research nature by Presidential Decree No. 368 of 2006 to merge the National Institute of Higher Management of the Sadat Academy for Administrative Sciences and the Egyptian Institute for Management and Business Development of the Ministry of State for Administrative Development in an independent economic public body. It does not depend on the state budget – it is called the National Institute of Administration, which specializes in preparing executive leaders in the government apparatus. Accordingly, the National Institute of Administration is in accordance with its decision to establish it as an economic, training, consultative and research body with a legal personality. The Law of Public Authorities No. 61 of 1963 shall apply to the Institute on:

  • Achieving human development and developing administrative and technological skills in various fields of economic and administrative activity in the country through the preparation of distinct administrative cadres and the development of administrative skills for administrative leaders who hold the posts of senior management and supervisors and middle in the government sector and who wish to apply for it from outside.
  • Developing government administration and enhancing its efficiency through modern technological mechanisms, e-government applications, training and development.
  • Dissemination of cultures to improve the performance of governmental organizations in line with contemporary international, regional and local changes while constantly improving their performance in light of market needs and expectations.
  • Providing advisory and research services and supporting administrative development and technology activities in various administrative units in the country and public utilities
  • Strengthening international and regional cooperation in the areas of human development and technology